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Kate Bagoy, M.B.A.

Kate Bagoy is an award-winning consultant & coach for online entrepreneurs.

After spending years trying to fit into a cubicle and feeling miserable, Kate quit her last day job & built a consulting business from her living room, then left the US to travel full-time – running her business entirely online from 17 countries.

Kate’s has more than a decade of experience working with startups and new businesses, & holds a BFA in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing and International Business.

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I started coaching because I believe life is too short to simply exist, and I wanted to help people transform their lives.

I spent years trapped in a self-made prison of fear & self-doubt. I had what looked like an incredible life on the outside but was absolutely miserable inside, was drinking myself to sleep & dreaded getting out of bed everyday.

It wasn’t until I got sober in 2012 that I started to really live – and actually ENJOY my life.

Because recovery is so important to me, 5% of all profits are donated to organizations that assist alcoholics & addicts, their families and their communities. Supported non-profits include Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Hooper Detox / Central City Concern, Oxford House and the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Have a recovery related charity you’d like to nominate? Send me a message.

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Thinking of Quitting Your Job to Travel?

While life as a digital nomad is certifiably NOT a vacation everyday – it’s living your daily life with exotic backdrops – it certainly beats life inside a cubicle. And it’s been proven (by people a lot smarter than me) that remote workers are happier workers.

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