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Change Lives. Earn Commission.

Six Figure Freelancers affiliate partners are authentic, creative people who want to help others change their lives AND receive incredible commissions. I’d be honored if you join me.

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Earn 40% Commission on ALL Digital & Group Programs

When you enroll by March 31st, 2018

We Love Our Reps

Tools to Help You Sell

As a small team, our affiliate partners are very important to us. We’re always happy to create new materials to support you. Currently we offer:

Ad Creatives

You get access to the affiliate portal with banner ads, logos and creative assets for you to use to promote the program. Want something else? Send us a message and we’ll create it for you.

180-Day Tracking

If you refer someone to any page on, our cookie will track them for six-months so you’ll still get credit if a program is closed or someone is a long-term researcher.

Optimized Conversion Rates

We’re new but constantly working to increase the conversion rates of our sales pages and program. Our current webinar signup page converts at an average of 20%.

Our Ideal Client

Six Figure Freelancers is Best For:

Driven, highly-skilled, experienced creative professionals who desire the freedom to work from home or travel and also refuse to be a starving artist or give up their daily lattes.

  • Currently in mid-to-upper level careers & ready to transition from corporate to freelancing
  • Highly motivated freelancers and consultants who’re hustling but aren’t getting the financial results or time-freedom they desire.
  • Successful freelancers who want scale their freelance businesses to include alternate lines of income, including passive income sources
  • Typically 30 – 40 years old, earning between $75,000 & $150,000 USD, college educated, non-traditional, loves to travel, enjoys learning, values personal development, slightly spiritual or woo woo, not easily offended, struggles with perfectionism or self-doubt in-spite of being a bad-ass.


“I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but I knew that I was capable of more than my previous career. With Kate’s expertise, guidance, and support I’ve launched my own business!”

Jesse Courtney, Start Write Now

Our Affiliates Aren’t In It Just for the $$

We’re In the Business of Changing Lives

Hi, I’m Kate Bagoy, and I quit my first corporate dream job back in 2008. I started freelancing and had no idea was I was doing, which resulted in years of financial struggle and a lot of debt.

After close to a decade of trying to fit into “the real world”, I finally quit my last day job and built a six-figure consulting business working part-time from my living room. In 2017, I left the US to travel full-time as a digital nomad with Remote Year and I haven’t stopped moving since.

Now I teach other creative corporate burnouts how to build profitable work-anywhere businesses so they can quit the cubicle for good and thrive doing what they love.

Because Life is too damn short to be wasted away in a cubicle, feeling like you don’t belong.

Top Affiliate Rates & Lead Bonuses

Regular tuition is $499. You earn $199.60* for anyone you refer.

In addition to the 40% commission on any online course, group coaching or paid digital product, you’ll also earn $1 to $2 for every lead that opts into a free program.

*Less any discounts provided. We pay a flat 40% commission of any digital product so you’ll get 40% of what the client pays.

01. Create An Account

You’ll get instant access to the “Affiliate Center” where you can download banners & generate links to any program, sales pages or blog post.

02. Share Your Personal Link

If someone clicks through and signs up within 180-days, you’ll get a commission. It’s as easy as that!

03. get Paid

Commissions are paid out quarterly via Paypal.*

And don’t worry – if you refer someone without the link, just tell them to give us your name and you’ll get credit!

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