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A Few Things To Keep In Mind...

This is NOT for everyone

Six Figure Freelancers are extraordinary professionals with tremendous work ethic and experience, who work their butts off and push through huge challenges to succeed. If you're looking for a fast-cash scheme, this isn't it.


If it was, everyone would work for themselves and make great money. The truth is, it takes hard work and dedication to create a life and business you love. You can be, have or do anything in life - but you've gotta be willing to do the work! 


I am a working business coach & designer, and LOVE to help creative people build their businesses - I don't love when people waste my time. If you're not serious about starting your business or have ZERO interest in coaching, please do NOT book a session

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Frequently Asked Questions

Six Figure Freelancers is an online coaching program that will guide you through designing your ideal business, creating your business and marketing plan, creating your website, promoting yourself, landing your first big client and scaling your business to 6-figures.

While the program is designed to be completed in 12-weeks, you get lifetime access to the content when you enroll.

Each module of the Six Figure Freelancers program is designed to be easily digested & acted on in a week, even if you’re working a day job.

There are currently 12 modules, containing about 70 learning units - 30 video lessons accompanied by 1-3 assignments or exercises for building out your business, and a number of bonus modules and resources.

I've had clients complete the program in 6 weeks, and some in 8 months - Your completion time will vary depending on your business, your drive, your energy & your experience.

There is typically 30-45 minutes of video content per module and I recommend 3-5 hours of implementation time per module for best results.

That said, you get lifetime access - so if you're working a day job while you're getting your side hustle on, have a bunch of little ones at home or need to take it slower for any other reason - you can.

Just remember that the faster you do the work, the faster you see the results.

Are You Ambitious AND Creative?

As a designer who struggled to start a freelance business until I earned my MBA, I created this program as a laser-focused business training for creative people. While the principles of the program will work for most service-based small businesses, 6FF is best for:

  • Designers & Brand Strategists
  • Copywriters & Technical Writers
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Event Managers & Planners
  • UX/UI Designers & Strategists
  • Creative Directors & Art Directors
  • Marketers & Brand Managers
  • Communications & Marcom Managers

If you’re a creative & want to start a work from home business (or you’re thinking about traveling with Remote Year), this program will likely work for you.

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I offer flexible pricing and payment plans depending on the level of support you need. We can get your started on a payment plan for as little as $175 per mo.


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