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Do You Want to Earn $100k+ a Year Working With Clients You Love?

& Have More Time for What’s Important (Like Traveling the World)?

Join Six Figure Freelancers

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Some people just don’t belong in a box.

Some people were meant to create and inspire and live out loud and put a dent in the f*cking universe.

Being creative comes with many gifts, including the ability to make big impact by bringing ideas to life.

Yet many freelancers struggle because they never got the business tactics they need for true success.

The difference between successful creative entrepreneurs & those who give up their dreams is smaller than you think.


My signature program for driven professionals ready to ditch 60-hour work weeks, mind-numbing meetings and pointless tradition for creative freedom and location-independence.

  • Maybe you’ve tried running a business before but ended up going back to golden handcuffs
  • Maybe you’re stuck trying to get your side-hustle off the ground
  • Maybe you’re in business but need help getting to consistent $10K months
  • Maybe you just need a reminder that you’re a creative bad-ass

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

I will guide you through creating your business plan, designing a marketing program, building your brand and landing your first high-value client.

All before you give up your day job.


“I went from feeling like I had no idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, & more importantly, full confidence I could do it. ”

Zoe W., Journalist & Online Entrepreneur

Who It’s For

Ready to Quit Corporate for Good?

(Without Giving Up Your Lifestyle or Lattes?)

This coaching program is specifically designed to help driven, creative professionals start a $100k+ consulting business & work anywhere lifestyle.

  • Position yourself as an expert for more profit
  •  Get started with passive income
  •  Promote naturally & authentically
  •  Easily close high-ticket deals with dream clients

Remember why you love your craft again and create confidence to move forward into your new life.

Let's Design a Life & Business You Love

Work When You Want, Where You Want.
(Even From The Beach or Your PJ’s.)

Six-figure freelancers is great for

UI & UX Designers

Graphic Designers & Art Directors

Brand & Marketing Strategists

Illustrators & Animators

Event Planners

Apparel Designers

Social Media Managers

And many more!

What Will I Learn?

4-Key Areas to Your Successful Business

You’re great at what you do & damn sure smart enough to find the info you need to get started.

What you need is motivation, a clear plan of action & confidence you’ve got the chops!

This NOT an online course for freelancers – this is a self-guided, proven coaching program I developed working with dozens of creative clients.

We focus on the 4 key areas of business that impact freelancers most: Mindset, Motivation, Marketing & Money.

Yes, I’m Ready to Start My OWN Business!


You’ll begin to think like an entrepreneur, even if you’ve never run a business before, and you’ll learn sound business strategies.


Getting motivated is likely your greatest challenge. You’ll create a vision for your life so compelling you’ll actually WANT to work.


You’ll identify your ideal client, establish credibility & speak their language, attract & easily convert leads into sales.


You’ll discover principles of passive income & true financial freedom, to earn with your mind not your time.

Want to sample the goods? Try the free crash course & discover the #1 thing to do to prepare for freelance success.

Bite-Sized Lessons to fast-forward your business

Less Learning, More Doing.

The self-guided program is designed to be easily digestible in 3-months, even while in your current career.

You’ll get 12 video modules with weekly action items for building your business, and access to digital coaching. Move as fast or as slow as you like – you get lifetime access.

In just a few months, you could be be working with your first client and putting in your notice.

Creative Pros Just Like You

are quitting their soul-sucking jobs and loving this program.

Meet Kate Bagoy, M.B.A.

Learn From Someone Who’s Done It

Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m a quitter.

In 2015, I quit my last day job and built a 6-figure consulting business working part-time from my living room in Savannah, Georgia.

After spending 10 years, and a lot of sleepless nights, figuring out how to run successful freelance business, I started supporting other driven professionals in growing their businesses.

If you’re a creative person who’s DONE spending your days trapped in a cubicle farm & are ready to create the life of your dreams, where you work when you want, where you want, with who you want – I created Six Figure Freelancers for you.

I’ll guide you through the exact steps I took to build my freelance business & the mindset work I’ve guided dozens of private coaching clients through to create confidence.

You’ll also get access to my more-than-a-decade of business experience and $100,000’s in education.

In addition to starting several businesses of my own, I’ve worked with more than 50 startups as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist, analyst and advisor, served as a mentor at multiple accelerators and educational programs and led projects for a dozen Fortune 500 companies including Nike, Ricoh, HP, Apple, BP and Microsoft.

I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing.

I look forward to helping you grow YOUR own business.




“I really loved this program! It made me think about why I want to be an entrepreneur! ”

Vanessa L. Blue Ribbon Events


Do You Want To Learn How to Earn $100k+ a Year?

Get started TODAY& escape that cubicle for good! Hurry: Doors Close 4/30!

VIP Experience - $1499

Get everything in the online coaching program, PLUS 6 private coaching sessions with Kate, where you’ll get a customized coaching plan and step-by-step, targeted advice for your specific life & business goals – a $2500 value.

Have Questions? Need Some Help?

Message us anytime day or night using the “chat with us” box on the bottom right & we’ll get back to you asap, or use this button to schedule a quick chat.

14-Day Guarantee

Try It 100% Risk Free

I’m confident you’ll get $100 of dollars of value from Six Figure Freelancers, but if you change your mind, simply email me within 14-days of purchase for a no questions asked refund.

After 14-days, if you’re unsatisfied with your progress you can email me your assignments to show your commitment. I ask for proof of participation to keep you accountable instead of letting you take an easy out – if you’ve put in your best effort & still feel this isn’t the right program for you, I’m happy to refund your purchase.

Transform Your Life.

& Help Others Too.

I became a coach because I believe life is too short to just exist.

I spent years trapped in a self-made prison of fear & self-doubt. It took until I got sober in 2012 to really ENJOY my life.

Since recovery is so important to me, 5% of proceeds go to recovery-related organizations. Supported non-profits include Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Hooper Detox / Central City Concern & the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Bonus Content

Exclusive Video Interviews with Location Independent Entrepreneurs

Sara Graham

Sara, a brand strategist & online entrepreneur, runs from Turin, Italy & is the self-published author of “How To Make Big Moves.”

William Bessette

Will, a freelancer writer, recently moved to South America with his husband to build their travel brand, Floppy Hat Adventures.

Carin Skowronsky

Carin, Content Strategist & Founder of, will talk about what it’s like to build a business on the road with Remote Year.

Dena Justice

Now a Certified Life Coach at Ecstatic Collective, Dena left a 17-year career to follow her passion & guide people through transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program delivered?

Six Figure Freelancers is a digital coaching program designed to improve your mindset & start your freelance business. Since everyone works differently, you’ll get access to a video trainings as well as written worksheets, and be able to ask questions or for feedback in our private community.

How much work is involved?

The Six Figure Freelancers program is designed to be easily digested & acted on in a week, even if you’re working a day job. Your actual time will vary depending on your business, your drive & your experience. There is typically 30-45 minutes of video content per week and I recommend 3-5 hours of implementation time per week for best results.

How much time do I need to start a business?

I recommend you spend 30-minutes per day on your business, with a couple larger “chunks” of implementation time per week for a minimum total of about 5 hours a week. However, the program is self-paced and you’ll have lifetime access so you can take as long as you need. Just remember that the faster you go, the faster you’ll gain your freedom!

What if I have 0 experience? Can I make 6-figures?

That’s a really big question & the answer is “it depends.”  This program was designed for the mid-to-upper level skilled creative professionals who is great at their craft, but wants to feel more confident in their business acumen before letting go of a salaried position. You can become a six figure freelancer regardless of your experience, but your results will vary with your drive, ability to offer outstanding solutions and ability to market and sell your services to the right client.

Will you teach me how to be a digital nomad?

Absolutely not. By definition, a digital nomad is simply someone that earns a living online & travels full-time or often. You don’t need anyone to teach you how to be a nomad – you simply have to decide if you’re going to work for yourself or for someone else (if the later, just look for remote jobs, it’s much easier!). But if you want to freelance from foreign countries, you’ll get everything you need to start a location independent freelance business.

What if I already have a portfolio / email program / etc? Do I need this?

Are you getting the results you want? Are you running your business and feeling confident you’re on the right track for success? Are you earning consistent monthly income? Do you have a plan for retirement? Do you have a streamlined process for bringing in clients that doesn’t involve relying on Upwork or other marketplaces? Are you earning passive income? Do you wake up excited to work everyday?

If you don’t have all of these things, you will benefit from the Six Figure Freelancers program.

The price seems awfully low and sounds like a scam.

That’s not actually not a question!

But this is definitely not a scam or a B.S. “I’m going to guarantee you $15M tomorrow” programs. I very much pride myself on honesty & integrity. The price is super low for multiple reasons:

  1. I’d rather you be absolutely blown away at the value & tell ALL your friends than be even remotely disappointed.
  2. I wanted to limit barriers to entry so I can help more people. I typically work 1-on-1 with my coaching clients, which can be cost-prohibitive for a lot of creative people and the online format allows me to impact more with less effort.
  3. I wanted to make the program so affordable you couldn’t justify NOT enrolling, so you can start living a life you love.

Will you tell us what tools to use?

Yes and no. These days most software companies have great resources libraries that will teach you how to use them, so it’s not an effective use of my time. I will give recommendations based on tools I’ve used & I’ll show you the basics for some of them… But every person & business is different, so it’ll be up to you (and part of your implementation time) to select what works best for you.

Can I join the course if I'm not in a creative role?

This program was created to specifically address challenges I’ve consistently seen creative people struggle with. That said, the business principles of running a service-based business are typically interchangeable, regardless of your area of speciality. If you consider yourself a creative person and you have a service-based business or idea, the content will likely work for you. You may need to modify for your industry.

I got here via Facebook / Google / Instagram Ads. Will you teach us how to use those?

We will go over promotional and growth strategies, including advertising and retargeting, but this is not a FB ads course or email marketing course so it will not be in depth. Six-Figure Freelancers is more like a business accelerator for creative people, rather than an intensive deep-dive into skills and tactics. I’ll go over strategies at high levels and give you good foundational basics and best practices, and recommend further trainings as needed.

I love your webinars or videos! Will you teach us how to do that?

Again, Six Figure Freelancers is focused on foundational basics for building a profitable freelance business. Tactics are vast and will depend on your personal needs, goals and audience. We’ll discuss a TON of promotional strategies to grow your leads. I fully intend to create a future training program for coaches and online educators who want to do webinars.

What if I'm not good with tech? Can I do this?

Totally. You may need to take a little extra time to work through a couple of modules (the website and email marketing modules specifically), or hire help, but there is no technology requirement other than a computer & internet access. Our program is focused on adjusting your mindset and implementing essential marketing, sales and promotional strategies for running your own business, even if you have no business experience or are a highly artistic individual.

Why should I work with you over other coaches?

You should work with me if you trust me, like my teaching style and want help leaving the corporate world forever.

One of the key selling points of the program is access to me, my skills and knowledge, which my private business coaching clients have paid up to $10,000 for. You get access at a fraction of the cost, in a self-paced online program & a creative community to boot.

That said, I’m big believer in community over competition and you should invest in a coach you trustI’d love to have your business, but it’s far more important that you get the help you need building yours.

The only other program I can personally attest to is Paul Jarvis’s Creative Class, which was excellent when I took it about 5 years ago – I’m even an affiliate. The main difference between the programs is that Paul is focused on designers already in business, so he goes into more detail on day-to-day operations than initial get-up-and-go. I actually recommend it as a follow up for designers who complete Six Figure Freelancers.

Who it’s for:

Who Benefits Most From Six Figure Freelancers?

Are You Ambitious & Creative?

As a designer who struggled to start a freelance business until I earned my MBA, I created this program as a laser-focused business training for creative people. If you’re an ambitious, creative professional and you’re thinking of starting a work from home business (or you’re thinking about traveling with Remote Year), this program will likely work for you. Unsure? Book a consultation.

  • Designers & Brand Strategists
  • Copywriters & Technical Writers
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Event Managers & Planners
  • UX/UI Designers & Strategists
  • Creative Directors & Art Directors
  • Marketers & Brand Managers
  • Communications & Marcom Managers

Live your life outside the box

Everything You Need to Thrive

You’ll be working with a business coach who’ll guide you through starting your business right:

  • Lifetime access to Six Figure Freelancers
  • 12 Training Modules with Video Lessons
  • Private Online Forum and access to my inbox
  • Complementary Copy of the eBook “Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer”
  • 10+ Hours of Total Content, Worksheets & Lessons
  • Bonus recorded Q&A sessions with Location-Independent Creatives
  • Bonus Content Including Worksheets, Templates & Checklists

You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Everything changes the minute you say YES to yourself & your business.

Leaving Already?

Would you like to replace your salary, earn $100K or more & work anywhere you want?

Check out the Six Figure Freelancers training series completely free - NO EMAIL OPTIN REQUIRED. You'll be guided step-by-step through what you need to stop making excuses and start designing a life & business you love TODAY.

Nah, I'm happy in a cube. Duh... obviously I want $100K
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