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Stop Settling for Life in A Box

Transform your professional expertise into an online consulting business so you can quit your soul-sucking job and ditch that cubicle for good.


My signature program for driven, creative professionals ready to ditch tradition for entrepreneurship and location-independence.

  • Maybe you’ve tried before but ended up going back to golden handcuffs.
  • Maybe you’re stuck on knowing what to do next
  • Maybe you’re in business but need help getting to consistent $10K months
  • Maybe you just need a little reminder that you’re a creative bad-ass.

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

I know you’re craving freedom

You Don’t Have to Settle for Life in a Cubicle

At Six Figure Freelancers, we’re all about setting you up for long-term financial success doing what you love.

Join this self-paced coaching program to get step-by-step guidance on starting a profitable, location-independent, creative consulting business so you can profit doing what you love.

You’ll get crystal clear on your life & business goals, create a business plan, define your brand & marketing strategy, earn your first dollar in passive income and land your first big client – all before you give up your day job.

Join the Six Figure Family!

You Can Do This, & You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

Our growing community is full of people just like you – people from all specialties and walks of life, and they are all creating their ideal businesses. You can too!


“I went from feeling like I had no idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, & more importantly, full confidence I could do it. ”

Zoe W., Journalist & Online Entrepreneur

Who It’s For

Are You Ready to Quit Corporate for Good, Without Giving Up Your Lifestyle or Lattes?

Six-Figure Freelancers is specifically designed to help mid-to-upper level creative professionals create a business that will support your lifestyle and allow you to work anywhere, without digging for change in the sofa cushions or spending all your time hunting for gigs on Upwork.

  • Learn how to position yourself as an expert
  • Learn how to create passive income streams
  • Learn how to price your services based on the value you provide
  • Learn how to move past fear and perfectionism to get sh*t done like a boss.

Let's Design a Life & Business You Love

You don’t have to choose between creativity & Profitability.

Six-figure freelancers is great for

Art Directors, Graphic & Web Designers

Copywriters & Journalists

Brand & Marketing Strategists

Illustrators & Animators

Event Planners

Apparel Designers

Social Media Managers

And many more!

What you get

Twelve Modules Designed to Jumpstart Your Business

The Six Figure Freelancers coaching program will guide you through creating a vision for your life & business, building an expert brand, establishing your first funnel, earning your first dollar of passive income and landing your first freelance client.

More importantly, Six Figure Freelancers will give you the confidence to move forward into the beautiful life & abundant business you deserve so you can get out of that corporate office.

Mission & Vision

You’ll create a mission and vision for both your life & business that will be so clear and compelling you’ll actually WANT to go to work everyday.

Long-Term Strategy

You’ll learn the principles of passive income so you can earn with your mind, instead of your time and as you head towards true financial freedom.


You’ll identify your ideal client, establish credibility & speak their language, so you can easily convert leads into sales.

Proven Business Strategy

You’ll begin to think like an entrepreneur, even if you’ve never run a business before, and you’ll learn sound business strategies.

Take your time or fast-forward your business

Bite-Sized, Self-Paced Lessons

Six Figure Freelancers is designed to be easily digestible over the course of 12-weeks, even while you’re in your current career. But you can move as fast or as slow as you like – you get lifetime access to the online training and the supportive Six Figure Freelancers community!

Bonus Content

Exclusive Video Interviews with Location Independent Entrepreneurs

Dena Justice

Now a Certified Life Coach at Ecstatic Collective, Dena left a 17-year career to follow her passion & guide people through transformation.

Sara Graham

Sara, a brand strategist & online entrepreneur, runs from Turin, Italy & is the self-published author of “How To Make Big Moves.”

Carin Skowronsky

Carin, Content Strategist & Founder of, will talk about what it’s like to build a business on the road with Remote Year.

William Bessette

Will, a freelancer writer, recently moved to South America with his husband to build their travel brand, Floppy Hat Adventures. He’ll share his experience with freelancing & blogging.

About Our Founder & Your Coach

Kate Bagoy, M.B.A.

Kate Bagoy is an award-winning consultant & coach for entrepreneurs.

After spending years trying to fit into a cubicle and feeling miserable, Kate quit her last day job & built a consulting business from her living room, then left the US to travel full-time – running her business entirely online from 17 countries.

Kate’s has more than a decade of experience working with startups and new businesses, holds a BFA in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing and International Business.

14-Day Guarantee

Try it 100% risk free

I’m confident you’ll get thousands of dollars of value from Six Figure Freelancers, but if you change your mind & decide the course is not for you, simply email me within 14-days of purchase for a complete, no questions asked refund. After 14-days, if you’re unsatisfied with your progress you can email me your homework assignments to show me your commitment to the coursework. I ask for proof of your participation to keep you accountable to creating the life and business you love, instead of letting you take an easy out – if you’ve put in your best effort and still feel Six Figure Freelancers isn’t the right program for you, I’m happy to refund your purchase.


“I really loved this course! It made me think about why I want to be an entrepreneur, and it’s a great first step!. ”

Vanessa L. Blue Ribbon Events


Get Started Today

Have Questions? On a Budget & Need Some Help?

Trust me, I’ve been there many times before and I know it’s hard to invest when things are tight. If you’d like to help me connect with other amazing creative bosses, you can earn discounts towards your enrollment fee by joining our ambassador program and simply telling your friends, family and coworkers.

And you can message us on Facebook day or night with questions. We’ll get back to you asap.

You’ll transform your life.

You’ll help others too.

I became a coach because I believe life is too short to just exist.

I spent years trapped in a self-made prison of fear & self-doubt and it wasn’t until I got sober in 2012 that I started to really ENJOY my life.

Because recovery has been so important to me, 5% of all 6FF profits are donated to organizations that assist alcoholics & addicts, their families and their communities. Supported non-profits include Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Hooper Detox / Central City Concern, Oxford House and the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program delivered?

Six Figure Freelancers is a digital coaching and implementation program designed to improve your mindset and get your business started. Since everyone works differently, you’ll get access to a video trainings, as well as written worksheets or transcripts, and audio files where it makes sense. Weekly modules contain 3-5 lessons depending on the topic.

How much work is involved?

Six Figure Freelancers content is designed to be easily digested & acted on in a week, even if you’re working a day job – but your actual time will vary depending on your business, your drive and your experience. There is approximately 1-2 hours of content / materials to watch to read per week and most weeks a recommended minimum of 5 hours of implementation time.

How much time do I need to start my business?

I recommend you spend at least 1 hour per day on your business and the coursework, and set aside a couple of larger “chunks” of implementation time per week, or about 10 hours a week. However, the course is self-paced and you’ll have lifetime access so you can take as long as you need. Just remember that the faster you go, the faster you’ll gain your freedom and profits!

What if I have 0 experience? Can I make 6-figures?

That’s a really big question and the answer is that is depends heavily on your skills, you customers and your ability to sell and market yourself. This program was designed for the mid-to-upper level skilled creative professional who is great at their craft, but wants to feel more confident in their business acumen before letting go of a salaried position.

You can become a six figure freelancer regardless of your experience, but your results will vary with your drive, ability to offer outstanding solutions and ability to market and sell your services to the right client.

Will you teach me how to be a digital nomad?

No, but if you want to freelance from foreign countries, you’ll get everything you need – Six Figure Freelancers is about creating a profitable freelance brand that doesn’t tie your business to a specific location.

By definition, a digital nomad is simply someone that earns a living online and travels full-time or often. You don’t need anyone to teach you how to be a nomad – you simply have to decide if you’re going to work for yourself or for someone else (if the later, just look for remote jobs, it’s much easier!).

What if I already have a portfolio / email program / etc? Do I need this course?

Are you getting the results you want? Are you running your business and feeling confident you’re on the right track for success? Are you earning consistent monthly income? Do you have a plan for retirement? Do you have a streamlined process for bringing in clients that doesn’t involve relying on Upwork or other marketplaces? Are you earning passive income? Do you wake up excited to work everyday?

If you don’t have all of these things, you will benefit from the Six Figure Freelancers program.

The price seems awfully low - is this a scam?

It’s definitely not a scam or one of those B.S. “I’m going to guarantee you $15Million in results if you do this” programs. I very much pride myself on honestly, integrity and authenticity (in fact, my sobriety depends on me conducting my life with integrity). The price is super low for multiple reasons:

  1. I’d rather you be absolutely blown away at the value of the course and tell all your friends than be even remotely disappointed. For $499 you’ll be stunned at how much you learn and enjoy the program.
  2. I wanted to limit barriers to entry so I can help more people. I typically work 1-on-1 with my coaching clients, which is cost-prohibitive for a lot of creative people and the online course format allows me to reach more clients with less effort, and I pass the savings on to you.
  3. I wanted to make the program so affordable you couldn’t justify NOT enrolling, so you can start living a life you love.

Will you tell us what tools to use?

Yes and no. Most software these days have great resources libraries that will teach you how to use them, so it’s not an effective use of my time to get into the weeds. I will give recommendations based on tools I’ve used and I’ll show you the basics for some of them..But ever person and every business is different, so it will be up to you (and part of your implementation time) to select the tool that works best for your skills and needs, and learn how to use them.

Can I join the course if I'm not in a creative role?

This program has been created specifically to address the challenges I’ve consistently seen creative people have in their businesses and mindset, but the principles of running an online service-based business are typically interchangeable, regardless of your area of speciality. If you consider yourself a creative person and you have a service-based business or idea, the content will likely work for you, but you may need to modify it to work for you industry.

I got here via Facebook / Google / Instagram Ads. Will you teach us how to use those?

Yes, we will go over a lot of promotional and growth strategies, including advertising and retargeting, but this is not a FB ads course or email marketing course so it will not be in depth. Six-Figure Freelancers is more like a 12-week business bootcamp for creative people, rather than an intensive deep-dive into skills and tactics. I will go over strategies at high levels and give you good foundational basics and best practices, and recommend further trainings when we get into sticky areas.

I love your webinars! Will you teach us how to do that?

Again, this course is about giving you the foundational basics for building a profitable freelance business. The tactics you can use are vast and depend on your personal needs, goals and your audience. I will discuss a TON of promotional strategies with you and how you can create valuable content for your customers and grow your leads. We will talk about webinars and how effective they are for growing your business reach and why, but we won’t get into the weeds of creating one.

What if I'm not good with tech? Can I do this?

Totally. You may need to take a little extra time to work through a couple of modules (the website and email marketing modules specifically), or hire someone to help you, but there is no technological requirement to do the course work other than a computer to access the portal. The program is focused on adjusting your mindset and teaching you the essential marketing, sales and promotional strategies for running your own business, even if you have no business experience or are a highly artistic individual.

Why should I work with you over other coaches?

You should work with me if you trust me, like my teaching style and want help getting clear and motivated to work on your business so you can leave the corporate world forever.

One of the key selling points of the program is access to my skills an experience, which my 1-1 private business coaching clients have paid up to $10,000 for. You’re getting access to my skills and knowledge at a fraction of the cost, in a self-paced online program and a creative community to boot.

That said, I’m big believer in community over competition and you should invest in what program you feel best about. Invest in a coach you trust.

The only other program I can personally attest to is Paul Jarvis’s Creative Class, which was excellent when I took it about 5 years ago – I’m even an affiliate for him. What’s different is that it’s only open part of the year, we teach differently, have very different personalities and there is no live component to Paul’s Class (or wasn’t last I looked). But if you align with Paul’s “voice” better you should totally get in on that.

Two other options to check out are the Freelance to Freedom Project by Leah Kalamakis (better for freelance designers) and Double Your Freelancing Rate by Brennan Dunn (better for freelance writers). I’ve not taken Leah’s courses but I still subscribe to her emails even though I’m not freelancing because they are super valuable, and her Facebook group is one of the best when it comes to freelancing. I bought Brennan’s course when it first came out and the content was good but I struggled to follow the text-heavy format. I think he’s made update but I can’t attest to that.

Bottom line, I’d love to have your business, but it’s far more important that you get the help you need building yours.

Who it’s for:

Who benefits most from Six Figure Freelancers?

Are you creative?

As a designer who struggled to start a freelance business effectively until I earned my MBA & started thinking like a business person, I created this program as a sort of mini business school for creative people. If you’re a creative professional and you’re thinking of starting a work from home business, this program will likely work for you. Unsure? Book a consultation.

  • Industrial Designers, Retail Designers, Merchandisers, Environmental Designer, Footwear Designers
  • Artists & Illustrators, Concept Artists, 2D/Texture Artists
  • Novelists, Memoir or fiction authors, Bloggers
  • Copywriters, Technical Writers, Content Specialists, Comms Specialists, Copy Editors
  • Social Media Managers, Social Media Specialists & Strategists, SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Graphic Designers, Brand Designers, Interactive Designers, Infographic Designers, Packaging Designers, Presentation Designers
  • Production Artists, Production Managers, Retouchers, Digital Producers
  • Event Managers, Event Planners, Event Coordinators
  • Architectural Designers, Landscape Designers, Interior Designers
  • Set Designers, Costume Designers, Lighting Designers, Sound Designers
  • Marketers, Marketing Strategists Brand Managers, Creative Directors, Art Directors
  • UX designers, UX Strategists, Digital Designers, Information Architects
  • UI Designers, App Designers, Front-End Developers, Web Designers
  • Communications Managers, Marcom Managers, & Strategists, Content Managers
  • Design Strategists, Design Researchers, Design Specialists
  • Animators, CAD Artists & Drafters, 3D Designers
  • Painters, Sculptors & other Fine Artists

This is not a typical online “course…”

Get Everything You Need to Thrive

This is a self-paced implementation program working with a business coach who’ll guide you through starting your business right:

  • Lifetime access to Six Figure Freelancers
  • 12 Training Modules with Video Lessons
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Complementary Copy of the eBook “Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer”
  • 10+ Hours of Total Content, Worksheets & Lessons
  • Bonus recorded Q&A sessions with Location-Independent Creatives
  • Bonus Content Including Worksheets, Templates & Checklists

You’re In Good Company

You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Everything changes the the minute you say YES to yourself & your business.


Learn how I went from burnt-out corporate employee to six-figure "workanywhere" consultant!

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