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You're great at your craft.

Maybe you're a world-class designer. An amazing writer. The BEST event planner in the world.

But you probably suck at business.

It's not your fault - no one told you'd have to learn the art of promotion to be a freelancer.

But sadly, even if you're, like, super talented and have an ahhhmazing portfolio, you'll still go broke if you don't know how to find freelance clients.

You see other people living your dream - freelancing from foreign countries, traveling with Remote Year or living on an island and you wonder how TF they're doing it when your experience trying to "Upwork" barely paid minimum wage.

You're so much more talented than they are.

Why are they out there living it up and succeeding while you're stuck in a cubicle preparing TPS reports and microwave meals?


They learned how to market themselves and how to run a freelance BUSINESS instead of hunting for freelance "gigs."

And so can you.

In this free training, I'll share the most critical things you need to know in order to be successful as a creative freelancer.

What You'll Learn in The Free Training:

The 4 critical pieces of a $100K+ business

And we're not just talking about a website and a service to sell. We'll review the core components of a healthy & profitable business - like marketing and lead generation - in a simple way that makes sense.


3-false beliefs keeping you trapped in a cube

I'll explain why your mindset is critical to building your business, and call you out on the lies you've been telling yourself that keep you stuck (like, "I just don't have what it takes to start a business.")


The secret to attracting $10K+ freelance clients

When you learn to market yourself as a solution to a problem, landing clients becomes easy. And if you learn to do this right, you can absolutely replace your salary with just a few clients.

The step-by-step formula to sucess

Ready to fire your boss and work from your living room)? Get the formula for growing a profitable freelance business working with clients you love - anywhere in the world.

If you've ever imagined running a freelance business from the beach or your PJ's, but don't want to go broke, this training is for you.

Learn From My Success - AND Mistakes

"In 2014, after spending years trying to fit into a cubicle & feeling miserable, I quit my last day job & earned $120K working part-time from my living room as a freelance designer.

I've since gone on to travel full-time as a digital nomad and run my business from 17 different countries & have clients around the world.

But what you don't know is that I failed at freelancing 3 times before I built that six-figure business and I was forced to go back to working a day job multiple times due to financial pressure or burnout.

But the 4th time I started freelancing, I did a few things differently, including hiring a coach. I landed my first $20,000 contract within a matter of weeks - and never looked back.

In this webinar, I'll walk you through what I did differently that last time I started freelancing, and share best practices for building a freelance business that'll get you on the path to your dream life, instead of the poorhouse.

I'd love to show you what I did differently and also share with you my 6-Figure Freelance Formula, the results of spending $70,000 on education & coaching (including an MBA), and 8 years learning what not to do.... so you don't repeat my same mistakes.

See you inside!"

- Kate

Yes! I want your secrets, Kate!


  • When is it? 8PM EST
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Kate Bagoy, MBA - Founder of, Digital Nomad, Business Coach for entrepreneurs & award-winning designer.
  • Why should I be there? You'll learn how to grow your freelance business faster through digital marketing, and the five critical components you need to build a successful  business
  •  What's it all about? A 5-Step formula for starting a 6-figure business and landing your first $10K+ client (even if you've never run a business before).
  • How long is it? Approximately 45 minutes.
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